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Super-pulsed Laser and PEMF Cellular Exercise ELMINATE KNEE PAIN without painful injections, addictive drugs or invasive surgery.

What it does

The medicine of the future is here. LaserMed treats chronic pain through state-of-the-art, pain-free, non-invasive, FDA-cleared laser technologies.

Are You Suffering From Chronic Knee Pain?

Chronic knee pain can chip away at the quality of your life. Whether it’s the result of an old sporting injury or from years of wear and tear, if left untreated chronic knee pain can rob you of your freedom, mobility and independence. Before you know it, knee pain forces you to live life from the sidelines—unable to perform basic daily routines and missing out on many of the activities you love most. Fortunately, it is possible to break free from the prison of pain.

Futuristic Medicine Offers Safe Solution to Chronic Knee Pain

As Thomas Edison famously said, “we don’t know a millionth of one percent about anything.”

The wisdom in this statement applies to just about everything—especially medicine. It wasn’t all that long ago that barbaric procedures like lobotomies, bloodletting or trepanation (drilling holes in the skull) were actually thought to be good for a patient’s health. I imagine that 20, 50 or 100 years from now, many of today’s common medical procedures such as knee replacements, injections and painkillers will be considered just as cringeworthy!

Thankfully, we’re entering the realm of non-invasive, pain-free medicine. We’re still a long way off from medical technology like that seen in Star Trek, starring William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy, where people simply lie down on a Med-Bay for a few minutes to heal disease, reverse the aging process and regenerate body parts.

However, we’re moving in that direction with revolutionary medical advances.

Laser Regen Med uses cutting-edge laser and magnetic therapies to offer solutions to chronic knee pain. By simply applying these technologies to the knee area while you lay back and relax, it’s common to experience reduced inflammation, increased blood flow, and bone/soft tissue/cell regeneration. As a result, knee pain is typically greatly reduced or eliminated—allowing you to once again live life on your terms.

How it Works...

While modern light-based and Electro Medical medicines may sound space-age, they’re grounded in long-standing principles grounded in the healing power of light as well as discoveries by NASA. To understand how it works, it’s important to begin with the origins of knee pain.

What Causes Knee Pain

While we treat all types of chronic knee pain here at LaserMed, arthritic knee conditions are by far the most common. In fact, according to the Arthritis Foundation, approximately, 27 million people suffer from osteoarthritis. This degenerative form of arthritis is most common in the knee.

Healthy knees have cartilage between the joints, which serves as a natural shock absorber when performing everyday activities like walking. Heredity, age, weight, repetitive stress injury, athletics and metabolic disorders can cause the cartilage to wear away over time. This damage commonly results in swelling, stiffness and pain—all of which can be effectively remedied in most patients by laser and/or Electro Medical therapies.

Sounds Too Good to be True, Right?

Laser Regen Med has turned countless skeptics into believers. Our satisfied patients include engineers, doctors, nurses, former professional athletes, celebrities, baby boomers and seniors—people from every walk of life. Some of them came to us with doubts about laser and Electro Medical technology, but were desperate to get rid of chronic knee pain and didn’t want to turn to drugs, injections or surgery. A one-hour exam and consultation with Dr. Phillip Yoo D.C. is all it takes to determine if you’re a candidate for these cutting edge treatments.

Many medical doctors are big believers in laser and Electro Medical therapies. Other, more traditional doctors are not always up to speed on this new medicine of the future and instead promote drugs, injections and surgery. Many patients who pour their money into these old school “remedies” don’t achieve the results they want and later may decide to try us. LaserMed is demonstrating, patient after patient, that non-invasive medicine like laser and Electro Medical Technologies is the future of medicine.


Patient experiences the benefits of both the M6 MLS robotic laser and the hand-held super-pulsed laser simultaneously.

Laser Therapy

Einstein’s Quantum Theory of Light can in many ways be credited with the advent of modern laser technology in medicine. The basics, such as the importance of Vitamin D from the sunlight and lights ability to strengthen the bones is common knowledge. Yet, light’s impact on medicine is growing exponentially with the integration of various forms of laser into medical procedures.

Medical-grade, non-invasive laser therapy harnesses the healing power of light into a strong beam, enabling the light to penetrate deep into the damaged tissue, generating a photochemical response. The laser beam is super-pulsed to safely and effectively stimulate healing, improve circulation and reduce inflammation.

Dr. Phillip Yoo and the Laser Regen Med team use a 250-watt and M6 MLS robotic laser technology to treat chronic knee pain. Both these technologies are manufactured in Italy.

The Benefits of Our Laser Therapies

•   Anti-Inflammatory Effect
•   Analgesic Effect – “Pain Reduction”
•   Accelerated Tissue Repair and Cell Growth
•   Improved Vascular Activity
•   Increased Metabolic Activity
•   Faster Healing

•   Stimulation of Trigger Points and Acupuncture Points
•   Reduced Fibrous Tissue Formation
•   Improved Nerve Function
•   Immunoregulation
•   Improve Circulation

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Cellular Exercise

There are articles in the medical literature regarding the effectiveness of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy in the management of various conditions, including osteoarthritis of the knee (see Vavken et al, J. Reajbil, MED 2009; 41: 406-41), as well as articles on the treatment of two-day old delayed unions and nonunions (see Assiotis et al, Journal of Orthopedic Surgery and Research 2012, 7:24).

“In 2009, NASA was awarded the U.S. patent for PEMF use to enhance tissue repair in mammals, and to reverse the bone loss experienced by astronauts when they are in a gravity-free environment and away from the earth’s magnetic field”
– www.pemfglobal.com

PEMF Cellular Exercise consists of a non-invasive method of delivering strong magnetic pulses that detoxify and regenerate cells and accelerate bone, tissue, repair. NASA’s findings have significantly advanced the development of PEMF technology and devices; their ultimate goal was to create a suit for astronauts that would use built-in magnetic therapy to counter muscle degeneration.

While a pain-relieving therapy suit is still a bit far off for us non-space-travelers, we have been able to use the same technology here on Earth to treat patients suffering from chronic knee pain. Here at Laser Regen Medicine, we use the MagnaCharger PEMF device—the latest equipment in PEMF technology and devices. This method has worked wonders as a supplement to laser therapy, and as an alternative for the few patients that did not respond well to laser.

Laser Regen Med has been successfully using PEMF Cellular Exercise for years. Electromagnetic energy plays an important role in regulating body chemistry. Dr. Oz put it most eloquently when he said “your body has a raging electrical storm inside that controls every cell, every nerve, every muscle, every thought.” When this energy is impeded, it can negatively impact your body’s health down to the cellular level and make itself known in the form of chronic pain. Strong, magnetic pulses can help get the 75 trillion cells in your body back to proper function.

PEMF is backed by more than 1,600 published studies in the Library of Medicine. The technology is improving every day, but the type of equipment used is important to getting good results. Laser Regen Medicine uses the MagnaCharger PEMF device, which is classified as a cellular exercise device.

Benefits of MagnaCharger PEMF Cellular Exercise

MagnaCharger PEMF Cellular Exercise offers more power and better results than ever, delivering magnetic pulses to help accelerate the healing of bone fractures and post operative pain and swelling.

Is Laser or PEMF Cellular Exercise Right for You?

Here’s the deal: the only way to know if laser or PEMF is right for you is to visit us for a consultation/exam. While we can’t help everyone, Laser Regen Medicine has helped hundreds of patients deal with their chronic knee pain.

Patient sits back and relaxes while undergoing state-of-the-art PEMF Cellular Exercise on his knee.

Use Laser Regen Medicine to Live Pain Free

They are lying to you.  You can live pain free.  Call our Orange County Clinic at 714-636-2741 or our Desert Clinic at 760-537-4929 to schedule your consultation/exam.